FAQs - General Assistance

For General Assistance payment questions: click "Case Lookup"

For questions regarding General Assistance benefits issued this month or in a prior month: click "History Lookup"

If you have an EBT question: click "EBT"

To apply for Direct Deposit where your cash grant goes directly into your bank account, come into one of our offices to get the direct deposit form or have a worker mail you one. To speak with a representative call (510) 263-2420.

To find out if your SAR 7 report was received and whether it was complete: click "Case Lookup"
To find out if your landlord check was mailed to your landlord: click "Case Lookup"

To find out if your new landlord statement was received, call (510) 263-2420.
If you need a new SAR 7 report form mailed to you: click "Replace SAR 7"

If your SAR 7 reporting form is incomplete, call (510) 263-2420.

You are required to promptly report all changes affecting eligibility and the amount of your grant. You are required to report within 10 days any changes in your household such as employment or address changes. You must submit these changes by completing the appropriate form and returning it to the Social Services Agency by the requested deadline. If you fail to respond by the deadline, your grant will be discontinued.
You will be receiving a Semi-Annual Eligibility Status Report (SAR 7) which must be completed and returned.

To find out how to apply for a medical exemption from employment, call (510) 263-2420.

To find out how to get transportation for employment services, call (510) 263-2420.

To contact an employment counselor:

For income verification to be mailed to you: click "Verification Letter"

For directions to our office: click "Office Locations"